If you are wondering about life with braces, or what it’s like to see an Orthodontist, the best person to ask is someone who has been through it. Learn from these actual orthodontic patients, some who are finished their treatment, and some who are still in the process. But, all of them understand your fears, concerns and questions, as they have been there. We even have the perspective of a parent of orthodontic patients. We hope that their experiences will help you.

Why did you decide
to get braces?

How did orthodontics
change your life?

Have you seen any benefits from orthodontics that you didn't expect?

Would you recommend your friends visit an orthodontist?

How was the experience
with your orthodontist?

How did age affect
your decision?

How Hard Was The Adjustment To Living With Braces?

How did orthodontics improve your self esteem?

Canadian News Story highlights Dangers of using General Dentist for Orthodontic Treatment


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